About Us

Coris UK Ltd (Coris UK) is an independent company within the APRIL Group (www.april.com). Since its creation in 1991 it has earned a reputation for technical expertise and efficiency provided by its friendly multi-lingual staff.

After forming in Paris in 1987 the Coris Group quickly developed a network of offices across Western Europe and the Mediterranean basin, where it established itself in its core business: handling international claims and assistance on behalf of insurance companies and automobile clubs to the highest professional standards.

In 1991, following the political changes in the former eastern bloc, the Coris Group spread east, moving into the newly independent markets of central and eastern Europe.

Coris continued its development in 1994, establishing a presence on the American continent, with offices in both North and South America.

In 1995 Coris opened offices in the main republics of the Community of Independent States, the former territories of the USSR.

2000 saw the Coris Group's first locations in Asia, moving Coris towards global coverage.

In 2008, leading insurance brokers APRIL Group took a 66% share in Coris, before acquiring the remaining shares in 2010.