Coris UK Enhancing
Customer Satisfaction with
Exceptional Services

Coris UK, a part of CCN since 2023, offers a wide range of claims management services to insurers in Europe. The company has received positive feedback for its exceptional service quality, with a recent testimonial praising Nick Lavelle, the Managing Director, for his professionalism and support during a challenging situation. This feedback motivates Coris UK to maintain its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, setting new standards in the insurance industry.

Coris UK, a claims management company that became a part of CCN at the beginning of 2023, is an integral member of the wider Claims Corporation Network, offering a comprehensive range of services to insurers across Europe to effectively manage their claims. With its inception dating back to 1987 as part of the Coris group, Coris UK primarily functions as a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) and Green Card handling agent on behalf of insurers throughout Europe, delivering a diverse array of claims solutions to insurer clients and network partners.

Since its integration into the CCN, Coris UK has been dedicated to enhancing its service quality over time, resulting in an influx of positive feedback and compliments from satisfied customers in recent months. Notably, a heartening testimonial was received last month from one of our esteemed clients, NB, expressing their gratitude for the exceptional services provided by Coris UK Ltd and specifically acknowledging Nick Lavelle, Head of International Claims – CCN Group and Managing Director of Coris UK:

“I am pleased and grateful to write a review for the excellent services provided by the insurance company Coris UK Ltd and specifically, Nick Lavelle, Head of International Claims – CCN Group, Managing Director – Coris UK.

My name is NB, a Ukrainian citizen who was involved in an accident abroad, not at fault, as my car was struck by another person while reversing. My initial feelings were shock, fear, and the urgent need for support in a foreign country.

I contacted Coris UK Ltd through my insurance policy, as a partner company in the UK, and they responded to me very quickly.

Furthermore, all communication was extremely efficient, fast, and customer-oriented.

From my point of view, additional assistance was offered more than once and was appreciated by me as a sign of high professionalism.

I am sincerely grateful to you for your support, willingness to help in difficult times and high level of competence in all matters.

I wish your company prosperity and success in your business.

I will use your insurance services and strongly recommend you as a reliable partner in the Ukrainian insurance market.”

Feedback such as this from our valued clientele serves as a source of motivation for us at Coris UK, encouraging us to continue delivering top-notch services and striving towards further elevating our service standards. Each message and testimonial we receive fuels our commitment to excellence and reinforces our dedication to providing unparalleled support to our customers in their times of need.

As we move forward, we remain committed to upholding the values of integrity, efficiency, and customer-centricity that define Coris UK’s approach to claims management. We are grateful for the trust placed in us by our customers and look forward to continuing to exceed expectations and set new benchmarks for service excellence in the insurance industry.